Hive Group Mourns the Passing of CEO and Co-Founder Kathleen Sober

by | Jun 16, 2023 | News

It is with heavy hearts and profound sadness that Hive Group announces the passing of CEO and Co-Founder Kathleen Sober. She passed peacefully and with family at her side the morning of Wednesday, June 14th.

A titan in her field, Kathleen was a champion and shining example for business leaders in and out of the GovCon space. A daring and determined steward of the vision that became our company. She instilled in her work the rare energy and attitude of a thoughtful leader who cares as deeply for those working alongside her as the mission itself.

Kathleen was a faithful ambassador of the Hive Group values. Her ingenuity set the tone for a young company’s unprecedented growth. She forged connections whenever she could, taking the time to welcome new members of our community over coffee. Her accountability inspired all who walked with her to do so with integrity. She was passionate in her work and in celebration of those who supported her efforts. She was driven by service, both to her clients and her community.

Hive Group owes in no small way everything we are as a company to Kathleen’s enduring spirit. Through our humble beginnings to the successes and challenges of our future, our guiding light will shine as Kathleen always had.

Funeral arrangements for Kathleen are forthcoming.